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Materials Quick Reference Chart


Material features



Natural Rubber
Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) Polyvinyl Chloride
Characteristic It has typical rubbery elasticity, and good resistance against abrasion and others mechanical property. It superior in oil resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, and etc. Good in chemical resistance, electric insulation. Plasticizer is used to make PVC soften. Good in elasticity, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance and tough.
Tear resistance Excellent Good Good Good
Abrasion resistance Good Excellent Good Good
Bend cracking resistance Excellent Good Excellent Good
Heat resistance 100°C 130°C 66 to 79°C 88°C
Cold resistance -50 to -70°C -10 to -30°C -20 to -40°C -70°C
Aging resistance Fair Good Excellent Good
Gasoline, light oil Not recommended Excellent
Fair Excellent
Benzene, toluene Not recommended
Fair Not recommended
Not recommended Good
Alcohol Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Strong acid Fair Good
Fair Excellent
Weak acid Good Good Excellent Good
Strong alkali Good Good Excellent Fair
Weak alkali Good Good Excellent Good

Excellent Excellent   Good Good Fair Fair Not recommended Not recommended

Material applications

  Natural Rubber
Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
Polyvinyl Chloride
Non flock lined Cleaning, food processing, assembly job, light general job. Oil handling job, chemical handling, assembly job, printing factory. Food processing, farming, assembly job, light industrial work. Oil handling job, solvency handling, assembly job, printing factory, cleaning.
Flock lined Cleaning, plating process, food processing. Cleaning job, plating, food processing, oil handling job, chemical. Cleaning, plating, food processing.  
With liner Construction industry, agriculture and forestry, transportation job. Construction industry, agriculture and forestry, assembly job, cleaning, sheet metal plant. Construction industry, agriculture and forestry, assembly jog, cleaning. sheet metal plant. Oil handling job, solvency handling, cleaning.

Material applications

  Characteristic Remarks
Natural fibre (87% cellulose)
Very comfortable fibre. Good absorption capacity of perspiration. Cotton fibres are mixed with polyester fibres by Showa in order to associate comfort with a high mechanical resistance
Polyester Polyester fibre has good mechanical resistance and elasticity (takes back its form after putting out shape) and wash ability. Polyester fibres have poor absorption capacity of perspiration however Showa is mixing together with cotton fibres in order to avoid this disadvantage.
Polyamide Polyamide fibre has good mechanical resistance, elasticity (takes back its form after putting out shape) and wash ability. These fibres are absorbing only few liquid and dry therefore easily.  
Polyaramide fibre made by DuPont
The Kevlar®* fibre provides high cut resistance (3 times higher than cotton gloves and 5 times higher than leather gloves). Good protection against convective heat. Kevlar®* gloves in contact with ultraviolet rays are changing colour (turn in brown) and loosing some properties and therefore have to be stored sheltered from direct light
HPPE High-performance polyethylene fibre Cut resistant equal to a para-aramide, hard wearing in relation to abrasion (ten times better than steel wire).  HPPE maintains its properties when subjected to bending, and can withstand chemicals, particularly solvents


Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

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